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Audi S8 2001 issues..

Hi guys,

My mate and I just bought an Audi S8 2001 from an auction. The car is lovely with all the bells and whistles.
However it does have afew issues which I am hoping someone could help me with-

When we picked the car up the battery was dead. Jump started the car and engine is running lovely. There was a lot of water trapped under the boonet and passenger side carpets front and back were flooded.
Had the drains unblocked by having the carpets out and blowing compressed air in. Central locking was not working and hazards were flashing. The mechanic dried out the relay and thats all fine.

However, the key doesn't open the car on the button. The sat/nav cd player needs to be recoded?
Marc R

These are all empty battery related.
Adrian E

There are a number of different drains so don't assume they're all clear - keep an eye on the area under the matts and make sure it's bone dry.  I can think of 5 sources of water getting into that area for a start.

You will probably need to re-sync the remote with the c/l assuming water hasn't fritzed something related to the c/l

So where are the other areas water can get through? It was pretty much all in the passenger side of the car.

The SatnAV/radio etc need the code to be re-entered. This wasn't an issue when I first looked at the car. Non of the keys seem to be working.

Off the top of my head: Sunroof drains, scuttle drains, Botangs hole, aircon (blocked drains).
Scuttle drains are very difficult to clear (I should know having suffered recently    ).

Thanks a lot!

The engine management light is on and I have had the car scanned and it comes up as camshaft position sensor. The car drives without fault with no hesitation starting etc.

Cleared the code but it comes back? something to do with 'short....' cant remember the rest? code beginning 17...

give the car a good run and clear the codes again, camshaft position sensor can cause the car to cut out and not start again if it goes,

to sync your key try
One key in ignition. Turn to position 2.

Shut door. 2nd key in doorlock. Press unlock button of 2nd key. Lock car manually with 2nd key. Unlock manually with 2nd key.

See if that works

Post a full scan up and also try the 'A8 Parts Forum' as there are only a handful of online enthusiasts for these.

if you have a service book the code will be in there for you nav unit I think? don't keep trying a code it will block it, you can also get the code from a main dealer with your vin no but I don't know if they charge

I have used this chap many times for lost radio codes. You will need to supply the VIN on the side of the stereo case (engraved)

14 quid normally

Cleared the code, drove the car and it came on again. Drives without fault, acceleration is smooth, gear changes are smooth. No misfiring etc.

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