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AudiSRS Wins Gold at Audi Driver Awards for 3rd Year Running

Winning another Gold at the Autometrix Audi Driver Awards is just fantastic. That makes it 3 in 3 years, thank you everyone who voted for us.

We were delighted with the attendance at ADI, we set out to ensure AudiSRS grew as a community of like-minded Audi enthusiasts that attend events and do stuff, so 50+ cars has to been seen as a success

The charity passenger lap drivers - dace, grizz, BenH & mac4RS all did an absolutely fantastic job. We had people getting out of cars and bringing us more money! that's how much they loved it. 375 was raised for the British Lung Foundation and there have been further donations to: since, so thank you all very much

Here's to our next event, the AudiSRS/MRC rolling road day Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th December Forum Index -> AudiSRS News
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