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Autocar S4 Review

The B9 S4 had it's international media launch yesterday and so there are some pictures and articles hitting the press.

It's good to see some real world pictures, especially of the interior. It looks like a nice place to be to me. The MMI screen I am sure will be practical and grow on me.

There are some better pics in the gallery Autocar put on facebook, which I've shared on the AudiSRS page, but I cannot embed those.

A link (no logon required):

I can't link to the pic I wanted to share so I have had to shamelessly upload it, but credit to Autocar:

I hope the virtual cockpit is a popular option because it's already on my wish list when it's time to look at a used one!

It's too angular - and those chromey inserts in the front lower grills look cheap and nasty....

Hate the wing mirror sticking out of the doors...

Wheels seem a bit lost... it all looks a bit meh

Have to see one in the metal to be sure but first impressions for me on exterior are not favourable

Seems like a standard S4 review to me:
Decent poke
Understated looks
Lush interior
Not so oversteery so car reviewers prefer the BMW and Merc.

No way that power plant will make the gains that b8's do though, which means I'm not interested.

The RS should be an interesting prospect in about 2020 (pfft) at which point they'll probably be the same price as C7 RS6's and I know where my money will be going at that point.

Current B8 for another year and a half
B8.5 for 2-3 years
Then RS6 time baby!!!! Forum Index -> Audi S4 & S5 (B9) quattro
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