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B5 S4 Avant Facelift

2000 W Facelift B5 Audi s4 Quattro Avant Ebony Pearl black

162k with service records, mots and receipts

12 months mot

I purchased the car in Feb 12 and have done a lot to it during my ownership.  Externally itís in great shape and polishes up very nicely with no nasty dents or scratches. Itís always warmed up and cooled correctly when doing any spirited driving.


Blue weave insets
Black Heated Recaro interior in excellent condition
Bose speakers
Air conditioning
Double Din


Stage 1 remap running 300bhp with MRC printout
TFSI coil pack conversion
Cambelt kit fitted December 14  (3k ago)
Rocker covers seals, rear cam caps, Cam seals, tensioner seals 2013
New bosch after run pump 2013
Replacement Sid egt boards 2014
Forge dump valves
N75 fitted at MRC 2013
XS power exhaust with no cats.
K&N filter
Engine under tray fitted


Eibach lowering springs fitted in 2013
New front upper and lower arms fitted in 2013
Top mounts fitted 2013


Front B6 front callipers with replacement discs and pads 2014 (2K ago)
Rear Trig brackets with 300mm vented discs and pads 2014 (2K ago)
Flexi hoses all round and brake fluid change 2014


Front mounted intercooler with custom end tanks and pipework.
Fits nicely behind front bumper with new RS mesh inserts


Fitted 2013
50p litre
50L tank in boot with filler under bumper
Top quality multipoint kit
Injectors good for 360bhp
Runs perfect and seamlessly changes to LPG.
Can be turned off and on
Software and lead provided

Over the last few months Iíve done the following
New FAG rear wheel bearings front ones having been done in 2013
New cam seals front as they were leaking
New front mount fitted with custom pipework and RS mesh

I have taken it to MRC mentioning I am putting the car up for sale so they have given it a good going over. Health check and inspection carried out last week with advisory report. Two biggish things to sort are the upper sump is suffering oil leaks.
Rear bushes going to need replacing.

MRC have also advised me that a stage 2 map is required to remove the boost spike due to the cats being removed coupled with the upgraded exhaust and intercooler. The stage 1 map was done prior to these modifications so 350-360bhp is more realistic.

Itís a joy to drive, bags of power with no funny bangs, knocks or squeaks.

As much as Iíd like to keep the s4 Iíve just purchased an old VW bay which is also beginning to empty my pockets.

Any inspection more than welcome, I have a pit in my garage should you wish to look underneath.

Looking for £3850


Alex Rhys

This is stunning, way too cheap!

Really good advert, surely worth £1000 more than the asking?

Far too cheap!!

Looks like a great S4

I will take this to replace my recently departed RS4 PM incoming

Thanks for the positive comments

There are some niggles to sort on the mrc report which I`m doing over the next few days. There are also some things that need to be kept an eye on by the new owner.

Front cams seals were noted on the report as suspect but I`ve just done them so pretty sure there's no issues there, possibly just some oil hanging around this area.

1 lower arm bush has slight cracking on outer rubber despite being changed 3k ago.

1 rear braided line the sheath is cracked again these were done around 3k ago.

Based in Birmingham,  

Why oh why want this for sale last week!!!!!!!

Been underneath my audi today and given the upper sump a good clean down with brake cleaner based on the mrc report which reads

"Upper sump leaking and crank locking bung leaking"

I can see that the bung is leaking but can't see any oil aound the upper sump other than below the locking bung. I have therefore decided to pull the sale until the new o ring arrives from audi as I've priced the car well below to take into account the high labour involved. I will update later in the week.

Sorry to mess anyone about.

Is this still for sale - cash sat waiting 07810455425. Dan

Quick update. Oil leak resolved, turned out to be crank locking bung only so not the upper sump.  Decided on getting the rear bushes all sorted before selling. Parts have been ordered off Jason will hopefully be all done by the end of next week.  

Do I still have first refusal on this?

Worth every penny, cant see this sticking around long

New parts arrived off Jason. Top service as per normal

Arms before and after soda blasting. Also painted them up so good as new.

Should all be done by tomorrow,

4 wheel alignment booked in for Monday morning

Also included in the sale

westfalia detachable towbar. Not used in my ownership.  Car has with single electrics
5L shell engine oil
Spare coils
Spare throttle boot.

Revised price £4950

those arms came up nice and clean  

Really really nice car! I'd have it but bought another K04 saloon last week!

Yes cheers jimbo very happy with them. Just got the handbrake tubes to remove out my old arms. Looks like fun!!

I've a pair of s4 ones here if you lose your rag with yours  

Snap one barb off .press the other one with a screwdriver and wiggle the sleeve with some mole grips  

Reaar end all sorted.

Just had 4 wheel alignment done too

Ready to go  
Alex Rhys

Still worth every penny!

Its examples like this that make me question selling mine. Im really thinking of deleting my FS thread!

Can I ask where you got the FMIC pipe work from? It seems easy to buy the intercooler itself but the pipe work is a different matter all together.

Sorry to ask questions on your for sale thread but this car really is selling itself!

Pipework is stainless pipe which I fabricated. The problem with most of the fmic`s is the end tanks stick out of the sides so I've had to modify mine to get the pipes hidden away. Not an easy task!!

Is this still for sale? PM sent

Provisionally sold

richjc4 wrote:
Provisionally sold


Love this, get in touch if sale fails.

Now sold    sad day

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