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B5 S4 for sale

Hi folks, Selling my S4 on here first before I put it on anywhere else. Reason for sale Is I'm doing more miles for work now, so it's a bit expensive to run for me now. The car is basically standard. I've done the wheels and brakes in the 6 years of owning it. It has Lambourghini Gallardo reps on it with continental sport contacts all round (two new front tyres fitted today) there are a few snags with the car, nothing bad though. The clutch has just started showing signs of wear though. The turbos are standard ( no sign of whining though, still pulling strong). It's done roughly 125000 miles. The reason I say roughly is because the speedo needs a refurb, it's not showing the overall mileage. There are snags with the car, but I just don't have the time so sort them just now, I can't afford to have the car off the road, so it's hard to get things done. I'd be looking for around 5500 for it. I'll try and get interior photos up soon.


Pm me for details


Bump. 5000

Did this sell?

gmac78 wrote:
Did this sell?
id also like to know

It was on eBay around a month ago. Didn't meet the reserve.

Should've taken this off a while ago. Sold a month or 2 ago. Sorry for not getting back to you guys.

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