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B5 S4.... a right bobby dazzler

basically a rolling shell

i caught the boot lid on the garage door when jacking it up.

hpi clear, 127k, its back as a T reg car(private plate not included)
what you see is what you get, excluding any tools that might be in the pics.
prop shaft,rear diff, drive shafts still all there.
no brakes, complete front meyle hd kit still on the car & about 3k old.
no rust or dents, some lacquer peel on edge of the drivers door.

will need to be trailered away


I'll take the engine cover if you have all 3 parts lol

still avaliable? where you based matey

just to clarify it includes diff, g-box etc ?

I will also be interested thanks


Shamx1166 wrote:

got no pm?

the gearbox has been binned tho as i left it at my mates too long.

shafts, prop, rear diff all still on the car. also a complete meyle hd front arm kit.
the battery has also gone now.
i still have the pfl headlights & original S4 intercoolers still in the shed

the car is in yeovil somerset

Still got the side skirts and lower door trim brackets?


Unfortunately too far south for me cheers for the response though mate and glws
Shame as I'm I'm need of a few things it includes!!! Forum Index -> Cars for Sale
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