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B5 saloon imola

Hi guys.
Anyone here know this s4 imola. Is on eBay . Advert no 322490670135
I am interested to buy it and will be good to know any history of the car

Are they still the standard brakes at the front?

Wow, Landsail tyres. Must be a well cared for motor!

no way. ditch finders, standard brakes and rs6 turbos!? brave!

c6 rs6 turbos also!

diy double din is hanging.

if could get it a bit cheeper maybe not a bad starting point for something to tidy up. if its been thrown together though could have a few headaches in store.

Have you seen it? There's s good imola avant on here for sale.

ScottR wrote:
Wow, Landsail tyres. Must be a well cared for motor!

Unfortunately this is always my way of thinking! If you can't afford decent tyres (or don't know the difference) you either don't know what your doing or haven't exactly went with quality bits!

Still, nice clear DIS.......

this one has been up for sale for a while

my mate had it about a year ago and its had loads of owners since, at the very least 4. tells you all you need to know. Think they've all used the same advert too.

Paint is awful on it (needs a mop they put) they're taking the piss.

Got some dodgy double din dash and generally shabby.

Pretty sure it hasn't got coilovers

Exhaust is a right cobble together.

Only good thing is it does go well.

I have to say..

I have Landsails on the daily and they're great, great grip in the wet..

But I wouldn't have them on a performance motor

Thanks for the info guys. The brakes and the tyres is not a problem i can put some good staff but the paint and the interior dash mods are bad and needs some money to be spent on it.
It was the only one on ebay which want a px with my caravelle t4 and i was tempted  for the engine mods is got  but better wait for a better one preferable estate .

You wanting an Imola only? I've got a very good spec Nogaro avant for sale.

Back in December I had the same question about this car. Looks like it's been chopped up and done on a "budget".

The guy who had it at the time was a total c**t and f*cked me about no end. After I told the guy I found another s4 with a seller who was less hassle he got abusive. He wanted 6500 back then and was located in Birmingham.  He said he was selling coz he couldn't insure it. Lol

Seems it's now in high Wycombe

In the end I got a noggy from Scotland off an honest guy.

The phrase 'rough as a bear's arse' comes to mind when looking at this. Surely it's a breaker? Forum Index -> Cars for Sale
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