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B8 RS4 - Rear brake pad change

hi chaps,

first post here after trying to figure out if i can change the rear brake pads without the use of VCDS....

is it possible in any way for me to leave the car in neutral, disengage the EBP via the switch and change out the pads?....ive tried this on the deck and can roll the car no can't work out why it shouldn't be a problem to do it jacked.....?

thanks in advance folks

Welcome to the forum. I recognise the alias and car from Instagram.

I don't think you will be able to push the pistons in without having used VCDS.

A good opportunity to justify the purchase of VCDS.
pdh 14a

I was surprised how much the pistons retracted when using a laptop to sort them! Have read about doing it straight off a battery,but for half hours labour somewhere I'd have them done!

VagCom only, but its dead easy once you have the cable.

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