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B8 s4 and s5 3.0t decat/testpipes

Im looking at getting the jhm test pipes copied in high grade stainless all tig welded in a super high standard by Phoenix exhausts, they make high quality exhausts for exotica like lambogini, Ferrari and Porsche
These will be exact copies and will fit perfectly
They will fit both standard and after market exhaust systems
I'm gauging interest as they will be made on demand with a deposit
They are going to be 450 including U.K. Postage which is about a 200 saving on buying them from jhm by the time you import them and pay duties
Production will begin in the next month with enough interest
Comment with interest
And check out the jhm website to see what you will get for your money
I'm having a set and wondered if I could save some people a few quid and hassle
The only ones available in the U.K. A believe are from mrc at the cost of 895

Did this happen?

Hello mate!!

Saw your post and i actually made an account just to reply.. Did you ever go ahead and get these pipes made for your car? i would be very interested in a set myself!!

Please get back to me if you can bud..would really appreciate it! Forum Index -> Audi S4, S5, RS 5, RS 4 (B8) quattro
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