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B8 S4 For Sale, Red Manual 81k 472ps 602nm

Follow the link....feel free to ask any questions about the car
Mail me

Still for sale 16,500 ono

Any options? B&O? ADS? Sports Diff? DAB?

I should add a list of the options really eh 😳
Has B&O yes, unfortunately not the other options you mention
Is ADS the dynamic suspension? If so no it has KW street comfort coilovers.
Does have the Supersport seats also

Priced now at 16500 will listen to offers 👍

Had a bit of interest but nothing concrete, would welcome a bit of input or advice. I think it's a fair price considering the money I've spent on it.
Considering taking everything off to sell separate or maybe somebody wants to make an offer.??

From my point of view:

The lack of satnav and the sport diff are a bit of a killer and the photos of the car with a number on the window and from the Nurburgring would suggest to me it could have had a harder life than others.

A new set of photos showing the car 360 and then the interior clearly showing the cars best options, B&O might be a good move.

Maybe listing the car on a different website too, I'm having trouble selling my octavia vrs diesel daily as a classified ad on ebay, so if it doesnt sell in the next week I'll be forking out for autotrader too.

Plus 16.5K is a lot of money for someone to come up with privately, it might just take that much longer for the right buyer to find you.

The black wheels are also very Marmite, and the look puts off a lot of buyers at first glance.

The modified B8's seem to struggle to shift. Look at the two Stage 2 cars sold here in the last couple of weeks. Both had been for sale for 6-12 months, starting at 22k+. One (very highly specced)went for under 18k, the other was put back mostly to stock (aside from stage 2) and dropped to 14k, and that had Satnav, FASH, etc.

I've been looking for a few months now, and as Dane suggested, lack of options is a major factor when there are so many cars out there to choose from.

Adrian E

There's a few at dealers with similar miles and better factory spec for a good bit less

What you've spent on the car has no relevance to its value now - if you have the OEM parts I would put the car as close back to standard as you can get it and sell the parts on - it'll help sell the car as well as mods will put a good portion of the buying market off.

The lack of nav really knocks values on the B8 S4

Stick the details into webuyanycar and add 2k - that's about as good a guide as any for private sale expectations.

By putting the car back to standard could release anything between 3-5k+(Coilovers / Alloys / Brakes / Steering wheel / Gear knob / Exhaust / Grill.  The clutch is a bonus for a new buyer, plus you may want to mention if the water pump and thermostat have been done.

Agreed with the others that the ring pics and track day window number may be off putting to some and won't have done the suspension bushes any favours.  The lack of sat nav wouldn't phase me since I find most OEM sat navs rubbish and much prefer mobile apps with speed detection etc.

If it was an avant it would probably have more appeal too.

It may be worth using eBay's auction format to judge interest at what price it would fetch and use a reserve in case it sells for lower than you want.  I reckon it would get to around 14-15k in current format but revise the pics and could be surprising.

Vacuum the car mats!

Thanks everyone some good points mentioned.

Done a bit of looking about and the cheapest I've seen is 13k.... or 14k with same mileage as my car.
Will let it go for 16k as it sits... surely a bargain with all the parts

Also willing to take 14k minus the wheels and brakes... I will put a set back on just need to source something first.
I have the original brakes so just the wheels to find!

Any interest at 15k as it sits.... really thinking of taking everything off it now and selling as standard car.
Come on 15k !! I've spent 10k on it!!!

Be honest was interested but coilovers put me off may be the same for most others?

Maybe get stock suspension put back on with a fresh set of pictures showing it not dropped on its arse

Looks a clean car otherwise just hold out for the right buyer

I have still got the stock suspension I will throw in with sale. But I'm not changing it over. Why would people prefer stock to KW?

Personally I would raise the height a little and take some fresh pics of the whole car, you will be surprised the difference in changing the advert can make.

Thanks for opinions guys...noted
Price on pistonheads is now 15,750 ono

It looks eye-candy but too expensive for me, unfortunately.
And coilovers puzzled, as mentioned above, for sure.

Thanks mate
I've not pushed selling the car tbh... not been too bothered
But seen something I fancy now.
Will take 15k as it sits or 14k with a cheaper set of wheels fitted. 👍

Car is on autotrader priced at 14,850 as it is nothing removed.
Didn't wanna keep dropping price but had no firm interest at asking price only silly offers.
Will accept 14,500 firm

2 weeks left on ad, after that I'm gonna start removing mods 👍

I know I wasn't going to take less but need cash for new business!
Car is at 14250 on autotrader.... will take 14k
Need it gone but this really is as low as I want to go

Links to piston heads aren't working.

Think the pistonheads one has expired.... it's on Autotrader

I just found a great car on Auto Trader:

Advert pics are much better than the original ones.  


ScottR wrote:
Advert pics are much better than the original ones.


imho, there are a few things from the pictures that really put me off.

The first picture has something attached to the grille,
other pictures the car is parked half on the pavement,
images of the car in the ring car park
images of the car in the rain.

Spec of the car is very high and should sell.
Just think the pictures don't do the car justice.

Get a dry day, wash the car and drive somewhere to grab a few normal shots.

good luck with the sale and business venture.

Thanks for the well wishes and I mean that but your points are ridiculous!

Parked over a dropped kerb outside my yard!
Camera attachment on grill (removable)
And yes I visited the ring!

If people are interested they should view it not rely on my photos

have a look at this good PDF guide from autotrader that you can find via google:

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