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B9 S4 at Audi Forum Ingolstadt

I don't think the photos show the best angles, but nice to see some more pics of the car in the metal.

Adrian E

I quite like the rear winglet on the arch leading into the boot spoiler. The side profile is very S3 saloon and the front could be anything!

Really need to see one in the metal but there's plenty of scope for the RS to look a lot more aggressive, that's for sure....

Don't think I like it. Looks too teardrop shaped I think.

Do I spy Head up display?

Any idea on the colour - maybe just a trick of the lighting / camera, but looks like Kingfisher or Sprint?

Yes, the HUD is an option on the B9.

Has that thing still got the suspension blocks in or something? Looks like it's on SE suspension.

Needed to come down to earth just a smidge.

WTF have they done to the front?

I went to see a B9 A4 at my dealer. I think the front looks quite good. The rear on the other hand is horrible. I'm surprised about how seeing the car 'in the flesh' was so different to just seeing photos. Forum Index -> Audi S4, S5, RS 5, RS 4 (B8) quattro
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