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B9 S5 Engine & Drivetrain

A video showing the drive train and engine detail. As was speculated, single twin-scroll turbo in the v. Front mount intercooler by the looks of it also.


I presume we can take it that this will also apply to the S4.

Looks good to me

What do you think?
Marc R

SO this will be the base engine for the upcoming RS4... VERY interesting and should easy to tune

What is the benefit of the manifolds being fed by individual valves rather than just one port per cylinder?  Higher exhaust gas speed into the turbo?

RS4 / 5 will run a twin scroll turbo plus additional electric driven supercharger a la SQ7.  Torque will be insane - the SQ7 has something comical like 664 lb ft @ 1000 rpm

Just noticed this thread. Rumours are that the RS4/RS5 will use the 2.9 biturbo from the new Porsche Panamera.

Agreed.  A few months on from my post above, the Panamera engine arrived.  No electric spool up, however figures in the Panamera are more than enough for an RS4, although I'm sure Audi will up the headline horsepower so it beats (or at least matches) the B8

2.9-litre V6 produces 434bhp at 5560rpm and 406lb ft between 1750 and 5500rpm

That torque figure!
Adrian E

A lady at my local service dept came back from Germany recently and said she'd been out in an RS5 Sportback as part of the event she was at.  

Unfortunately i didn't get into the specifics of the mechanicals as we were talking RS6s at the time!

S5 Sportback which was unveiled at the Paris Motorshow a few weeks ago, not RS5 Sportback.    
Adrian E

I did query it - as she's an S3 owner, I figured she'd know how many doors it had and whether it was an S or RS  

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