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bene's audi 100 c3 2.2 10v turbo


as i recently introduced myself, i shortly presented my car.. well i thought i let you know a bit more about it

first it looked like this (except the wheels, which were my spares)

it took me a long time to get it fully running, because the pre owner wasn't really good to her.. i had her head redone completely, bigger exhaust inconel valves, headwork, header was welded and grinded for more flow, all montings at the front axle redone, made some paintwork (both fenders in the front) and on the chassis.. it got -40mm h&r springs with bilstein dampers. it got a chip from a famous german guy, which was specialized for these 10v engines, so i could drove 1,4 bar at overboost and 0,9bar redline.. ran pretty well

then it was time to take care at the brakes.. TTRS calipers with 330mm mercedes disks:

also new wheels

parallel i built a new block for my 10v.. block is from an n/a 5cyl with 82,5mm bore, which is perfect for 2.0 TFSI pistons and h-shaft rods:

i have modified the pistons for less blowby

after i had enough of the K-JET i decided, that the only way to go faster was a VEMS

this picture discribes, how many hours i spent after work at the car.. since there are no parts for the 10v, i made all by myself.. fuel rail, tps adapter, etc..

finished block:


when i got the vems running, and the old k24 began to leak oil, i quickly found a perfect upgrade for my engine: a k24 7400 from an volvo v70R.

so i had to turn off the exhaust housing of the old k24 7000 to match the bigger turbine wheel:

and finally it took place into it's working place:

piping was damn tight and complicated, it took me nearly a week.. but i finally managed, to let it look nearly original

the last evolution of the car was the convertion from hydraulic brake booster to vacuum brake booster from an a8 and the complete removal of the hydraulic steering. now i have a mechanical steering rack and got lost of a lot of weight over the front axle. final product:

after that only a few steps were made.. i coloured my future block:

i upgraded my rear brakes to 310x22mm (if i don't find any rs4 brake carriers, i will upgrade it to 330mm and make myself an adapter for the 200 20v rear carriers)

aaaand last but not least, i got my overhauled and upgraded turbo back:

this was designed for maximum torque (1,9bar at 2900rpm falling down to 1,3bar at 6500) but should be enough to make about 400hp (when the header i am planning to do will be finished and mounted) with oem header i doubt it will be a lot more than 300hp..

that was 1,5years in a very short time.. i will update from now on

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