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Best place for servicing my B6 S4 - Cheshire?

Hi all,

As above looking for the best place for servicing my S4 Convertible. I want somewhere that does a great job and is honest and trustworthy - had a few garage services type disasters recently (not with my S4 I hasten to add   ) but don't want to take any chances. I'm in Cheshire  but can easily look further north or west into the Wirral or North Wales. Proper experienced recommendation is what I'm after    

Many thanks

Unit 20


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Ian_C wrote:
Unit 20


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Not really, plenty of options:

Jimbo - GM auto services

Awesome GTI

I've been using Tim at Renn-tech (Ellesmere Port) for a while too.

Many thanks for the replies  

I did contact Unit 20 a while back, went over to see the guy as I wanted a quote for doing the quad pipes and valance etc on my car. I chased for weeks to get his quote and eventually he sent me a an extremely vague 2 line email.
I ended up sourcing everything myself. It may well be that their servicing etc is very good but I certainly have no faith thats the case. Hence my thread here.

I'll take a look GM and Awesome GTI now  

Based in  holmes chapel area here, decent experience and plenty of love with vag. Fair prices and honesty pm me if you want a chat. Forum Index -> Audi S4 & RS 4 (B6 & B7) quattro
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