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Blown cats???-no problem....

If you have a blown cat( which seems to be the K03 Achilles heal on the b then there is now a solution....

MRC have had made a 200 cell replacement for the S4.
Had mine fitted and they are running fine upto now with no fault codes or noise problems. Not sure if any power gains really but after failing at28,000 did not want to fit oem again.

They look well made and they didn't take out the box to fit.

Big thanks guys for your persistence.
Well chuffed with the result.

Nice .

What was the price ? If ya don't mind me asking

Standard cats are 400 cell I take it?
Adrian E

Are they e-marked? Be interested to know the approval issuer (probably e9) and approval number

What are they like for emissions?

These have just been developed so early days

MRC would have to quote as fitting is not easy
Not sure on e Mark
Emissions must be OK as not showing any fault codes
There is sensors fore an aft as normal

That's interesting to know. Definitely room in there for an alternative as the stock ones are 700 odd quid each. Forum Index -> Audi S4, S5, RS 5, RS 4 (B8) quattro
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