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Body Panel Moulds

How do you go about getting moulds made up?

I'd be prepared to use my panels as the basis of the moulds, after prepping of course.

WOuld make getting fibreglass/composite/CF panels alot more affordable for those wanting to WB their cars.

Didn't someone put up a thread saying there were some available within the last week?

Yes from the States.  They're composite panels, but they dont have any pics of the panels, just those fitted to their race car.

I'd be a little uneasy giving up a load of cash on panels I couldnt even see.

They can do CF too, but at double the cost.  So why not get the moulds made up here and sell them to anyone interested?

i'm sure there already is a company (don't remember if its in Germany or UK) selling fiberglass WB panels.
must dig their name out....
big mac

xsport racing or carbon delight could do moulds i recon

Would be interesting at a good price Stumpy, good on you for offering up your panels for moulding also! Forum Index -> Tuning and Modifications
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