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Brembo Questions

Ive finally managed to get round to getting some Brembo's, ive bought a set of ebay for a good price which were advertised as Leon Cupra R brakes. However having picked them up the calipers arent Leon ones. The Leon calipers have a crossfeed pipe on the caliper to connect the pistons on the two sides. Like the ones in the pic below. (For those not sure what im talking about it is the pipe you can see at the bottom of the caliper)

The calipers i have dont have this crossfeed pipe, after doing some research it appears that the calipers that come in the Brembo GT kit for the S3 dont have this crossfeed pipe, like in the pic below. I always thought they used the same calipers.

Obviously before fitting i want to confirm exactly what i have. Does anyone know what the piston sizes are in the GT kit Callipers and the Leon ones? I need to to confirm they are suitable sizes of piston in my calipers. Does anyone know the brembo part number of the calipers from the GT kit?
Sleeper S3

Im not sure of the part numbers but ive owned both the leon cupra r calipers and the gt jnr kit. Im about 90% sure they are the same size piston in diameter anyhow. Forum Index -> Audi S3 (8L) quattro
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