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Bruntingthorpe Asda Charity Event

I will be attending this event with the Rally For Heroes group but thought you guys might be interested in going. Take a look.

I've been to this in the past, it's a great charity event and there's a huge amount to do.

Thanks for the heads-up, I might be able to make it this year.

Yeah it reads well. I think it is £13 to enter your car and go for blasts round the track and all for a great cause.

sounds interesting

I did last year with the Rally for Heroes guys and this year I'm an "independent" instead on the TurboTechnics/Ford GT40 gate.

Be prepared for lots of faff at the start (the RFH guys weren't exactly the most organised, unlike the GTROC whose setup had military precision), you'll get to drive anywhere from 10-30 passengers around during the day depending on how busy the Gate gets.

Each "club" gets a gate with space for 5 cars and those spaces are rotated through however many cars your club has (usually 20+) so you won't get a huge amount of track time, usually 30min-1hr unless you have a lot of cars drop out through out the day. Also the afternoon is much quieter as most people have spent their money at the start of the day.

Here's my C5 RS6 vid from last year -


PS That link Noyjatat posted is join the Subaru Impreza's Drivers club gate only - NOT a general pass.

Apologies I just did a search please note what Ian has put in his post. RFH have 10 passes this year.

Thats a better number of passes, last year RFH brough about 30 cars so when the "club" with the gate next to RFH didn''t turn up we stole their 5 spaces and we found 10 was a great number and, as cars dropped out throughout the day in other "clubs" gates, we kept taking theirs too.

I think we ended up with nearly 20 by the end of the day.

I really can't wait for this years, I was on the phone with the organisers and when I said I was in a 740hp estate they actually laughed for about a minute

Haha I watched your vid from last year and saw the surprised faces. I will try and pop over to your gate while off the track to say hello buddy. Not seen you for a while. I think it was at SRR.

Ignore the link in the first post this one is better.

Cool, I'll be the fat middle aged guy in shorts and a Nitro Circus T-shirt

I think you're right about the last time we met, the SRR was a few months before I sold her

Here's a map I knocked up. It's a very basic circuit with fast wide corners apart from the little chicane in the middle.

The big red box is the 5mph passenger pick-up/drop-off Gates, where the HGV driving experience crossed the track (marshal controlled) and where the cars park whilst waiting for passengers. Last year the blue area was the parking for those waiting to join and it was a nightmare trying to get cars swapped over due to the huge amount of people walking around and the bad layout of the parking area.

My suggestion is to get there very early, as soon as the doors open, so you can get organised, get a sighting lap and get a proper brief as none of that happened last year and the start was delayed by 30+minutes until it was all sorted.


Was there a braking marker out at the end of the straight?

Not last year as there was too much variation in speed between the 170mph+ GTR's and the 80mph+ classic cars at the end of the straight. Also remember that the HGV track runs along the outer edge of the straight and final bend so if you brake too late there's no run-off and you might go through the cones and into the HGV's, which is why the sighting lap is so important.

To be fair the organisers do say during the brief that "this isn't a track-day, it's a passenger experience ride, so don't drive balls out at 100% and risk an accident, just drive within your limits, be safe and have fun".

I was easily able take the final bend at the end of the straight at 70mph as it's so wide so it's not like you have to come to an emergency stop from 140mph+. Just remeber that after the straight and final bend you have 1 more corner in which to get down to about 20-15mph by the exit before the 5mph passenger section starts shortly afterwards.

Noyjatat - Just seen the gate order, we'll be neighbours buddy!!

IIRC last year Midshires Club didn't have many cars so RFH took some spare slots there and TVR were all dead by 1pm so there was extra space there too. I'm just keeping an eye on the weather now!

Sweet buddy see you there.

Hi guys, just managed to get some tickets from my sister who works for Asda and it safe to say Im a tad bit excited!!
Coming as a spectator, so will be heading straight down to you guys when I find you. Looking forward to a ride in Ians RS6!! LOL shitting myself after watching the C5 video.

Also does each driver require donations per ride? Not sure how it work etc.

thanks Mabs

how much is a spectators ticket?

£10 per car , you need a form from ASDA though. My sister works there so I was able to receive one. Its in electronic form you have to print it off.

If anybody wants a form, I can whats app one to them, just need to print it and present upon entry.

pm sent


RS666 - Each gate will have a few staff who will collect the donations and get you to sign some paperwork before the ride. As there is only 5-10 cars allowed on the track per club and each club beings 20+ cars we each take it in turn to spend 30-45min on the track and then swap with other cars so if you don't see the car I'm probably in the "rest" area or working in the Passenger area loading people into cars.

I'll be the fat bloke in shorts and a Nitro Circus t-shirt!

PS the donation per passenger ride is £5.

IanH755 wrote:
PS the donation per passenger ride is £5.

for any car?

For 95% of the cars the donation is £5 but there will be one or two "special" cars which will be £10 instead although what cars they are this year I don't know, last year I think one was a Lambo Diablo?

I also found that by 2-3 in the afternoon most people had already been around and the queues were much smaller but, as I proved, some of the cars might have stopped running (either sick cars or drivers).

I think the GTROC was pretty much the busiest club there as people were still queueing at 4:55pm for a ride and too be fair they had the best organised "gate" for getting people in/around/out in the quickest possible time.

is there anything exotic? like some decent Ferraris, or is it mainly mainstream cars that have been modified, you mention one or two special cars, is that really just one or two?

There is a huge range of "performance" cars but usually very few "super" cars (Ferrari/Lambo) and I've not seen a "hyper" car (Zonda/Bugatti) there at all.

There's also the Classics there so GT40, AC Cobra, TVR  etc.

Here's a PDF with all the days events, it's quite busy away from the cars -

cheers, looks a good day

Better raid the piggie bank I think! LOL I'll be the guy walking around with pockets full of shrapnel , pockets bulging.  

Cracking day out and a great cause.


What an awesome day!

The car suspension is now falling apart, I got ran off the track by a Porsche Cayenne and collected a cone to the rear passenger door and I've now got a thumbnail sized stone chip in my windscreen but I had an absolute blast!

I think I may have buggered the car quite badly though.

1. I think the rear diff is shot as you get a very low frequency rapid thumping from the rear when you boot it.

2. The steering rack or suspension is making a mechanical knocking sound which can be felt through the wheel and gets louder with a left turn and quieter on a right but past 30' of turn in either direction it's silent.

3. The rear left brake stone guard came loose and is resting on the disc making a lovely grinding noise.

4. The brakes all round got so hot 3 tyres have lost all or some of the balance weights as the glue failed so the wheels are vibrating.

5. The stone Chip!

6. The cone mark on the left rear passenger door (which has already been polished out) has left a very small scratch.

7. The stupid intake manifold pipe popped off twice and requires a proper solution.

However, the positives were

1. The AP Racing Discs/DS2500/ATE SuperBlue combo was amazing, 50+ 170mph to 50mph stops without a single fade. the DS2500's smoke a bit for the first 3-4 stops but settled down afterwards.

2. The engine is perfect and surprised soooo many people.

3. I'm now watching back all the passenger reactions and seeing shocked faces and things that I miss during the drive.

After a bit of MRC TLC I may consider another one next year

Some of the driving was a bit crazy, Im surprised no one collided. Did you have words with the said Porsche driver? was it his fault?

Queues were really busy as we arrived late, checked every white board and couldnt see your RS6 on their. So we went with the shortest, and managed a run in a 700bhp GTR. It was pretty epic, as you come onto the main straight we had cars to the left and right it was a free for all lol. Mental!

The second stint was just starting in afternoon and we had to leave  

The Maserati's sounded mental!! Not the fastest. TVRs epic noise, the white Tuscan  
Audi S5 supercharged was thunderous, and Porsche GT3 just revved like mad.

What sort of speeds did you reach on the straight? GTR fella reckoned he he hit 150/160 mph.

Had a great day today. Here is a couple of vids of what was blasting around out there

Coming into the pits

Leaving the pit straight

Sounds about right. Best for me was 152 but that was some pretty late braking after that I would push it to 145 and then lift off. Coming out the last bend before the straight I was carrying about 105.

I chatted to the Marshall at the end of the straight and she had him removed but he snuck in again right at the end. As you come out of the chicane onto the straight it's a rule that very fast cars go on the left and slower ones on the right. Unfortunately everyone thinks they have a "fast" car so everyone piles into a very small gap. The Porsche driver didn't check his mirrors and moved over when I was about 20ft away with a 30mph overtake. The video is a bit "Meh!" as the camera was facing the passenger who didn't react to my 120mph drift

I was hitting 165mph but braking 100m before the braking board for a bit of safety.

I went to the left Ian but that was mainly because I needed the run off carrying speed out the bend hehe. I would then reposition based on what was around me. Also got a stone chip on my first run to fix too. Will get the wheels off and have a look at the tyres and brakes on Monday to see how they are. Tyres are new so should be okay

Went to this in my Maser and agree it was a good day but some of the drivers took too much of a risk.

A guy in a Lotus 340R spun off in front of us and went grass cutting.

Yeah there was few people who forgot it was a "Passenger Experience Ride" and treated it like a winner takes all sudden death trackday, not looking at you Mr Cayenne driver!

I can't remember how many times I saw overtaking on the corners or on the right of a slower car. Although the day is a great laugh the driving from a very small minority was a worry for me, more than the stone chips on the runway smashing everyones paint & windscreens!

Oh yeah need to get that windscreen chip sealed

Added the passenger reaction video to my "Members Cars" topic here - - It is VERY NSFW due to swearing! Forum Index -> Events & Gatherings
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