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Buying a MY14 Car? CHRIS KNOTT GAP Cover...

If you're buying a new car in the next few months the dealer will probably try and sell you GAP Insurance. This is a good protection that means you can afford a new one if the car is written-off during the first few years of ownership. The problem is that dealers often charge inflated prices for the cover.

Chris Knott GAP Cover on a car purchased for 15,000 is just 82.34 and on a vehicle purchased for 50,000 only 151.08 and that gives you 3 years' protection.

Before you agree to the dealer's GAP Insurance, make sure you get a comparative quote for Chris Knott's GAP Cover.

Ask us for a stand alone quote or combine the cover with your car insurance - simply call 0800 917 2274 or 01424 200477 and follow the 'car insurance' options to find out just how affordable Chris Knott GAP Cover could be for you.

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