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Buying guide

Hi All,

Currently driving a B5 S4 but looking at a 2003 C5 RS6 this weekend, what am I looking for?  any tips to look out for etc?


Gearbox problems, DRC faults. Brake and tyre condition. How many miles has it done?

Good luck!

This is just a quick and dirty guide, I'm sure there's much better ones if you search google etc but here's what I'd look for -


4 good branded tyres (no cheap Chinese/Korean ones) - If the previous owner has skimped on cost here start to think about the way they have maintained the car generally. HOWEVER, if the tyres look very new it could just be a money saving exercise for selling the car.

Brake Discs/Pads - If these are low expect to pay around 500 per axle for pattern parts or upto 800 for Audi parts to sort + 200 for decent pads.

Wet front passenger carpet - Blocked drains, normally from the sunroof, means the Transmission ECU maybe water damaged.

Trim - Check all the trim is attached properly, especially on the ashtray and drinks holder as these fail a lot.

Engine Bay - You can't see a great deal to be honest but check all fluids, leaks (especially from the rocker covers) and belt condition.


Engine Start - No blue smoke but maybe some white smoke if it's the first start of the day which will also cause the rev's to hold around 1300-1500rpm for 30-45seconds with a loud "hair-dryer/jet" sound from the drivers side of the engine bay.

A hot start should be 700rpm with no jet noise.

Gearbox - Run through all modes (D, Sport & Manual) and make sure there is no slip between 1st/2nd a full throttle, no banging between gears and everything feels smooth.

Suspension - If the DRC is knackered expect a knocking noise over bumps and very poor low speed handling (<10mph) with the car feeling very wobbly.


History - Minor service every 10K, Major every 20K miles. These are very service heavy cars, the more you look after them the better they are so look for constant history, either by Audi or a specialist rather than a local garage next door. Look for history of Belt changes as it's 1k to do.

I personally like to see a box full of receipts too to show history but not everyone does this TBH.

Stereo - The stock RNS-D sat-nav is very old, out of date and in my opinion needs replacing with either RNS-E or after-market so bare that extra cost in mind. Forum Index -> Audi S6 & RS 6 (C5) quattro
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