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C5 MFSW and RNS-E, which control relay?

I have a 2001 C5 S6 with the RNS-E Stereo fitted. I have a C5 RS6 4 spoke mfsw I wish to fit. From what I've read there is a relay to change to get the mfsw to work (my current wheel just has gear change buttons only). After a bit of googling it seems there is more than one type of these relays, and one post specifically said he needed a '618' relay for the RNS-E?

Can anyone confirm what is needed?

Longer term I plan on fitting a later 3 spoke mfsw to replace the ghastly c5 4 spoke item, but I want to get it working with all C5 stuff first then hybrid a newer one. So if one of the relay options is for the heated rs6 steering wheel I'm not worried about that feature, just the gear change and radio/phone controls. Forum Index -> Audi S6 & RS 6 (C5) quattro
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