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C6 Exhaust Options ? & Headlight Fogging Up ?

Hi, even though i absolutely love the tone coming from the standard pipes i'm after something that gives me that little bit more GGGROWL and somebody was saying to me not to get rid of the cats as it makes it a little raspy ?? I'd love to put an Akropovic on if they do them but not if it costs an arm and a leg.

On a different note, the drivers headlight after a good washing or if its been belting it down with ran, starts to fog up and its really pissing me off, does anyone know if there was ever a recall on them or what the options are to cure it, as when its been washed and you drive it down the road its as though its got a foggy eye and it takes a good 24hrs for it to dry up.


If its the original 95E1 recall (replaced a seal at back of headlight, which was causing condensation in the headlights, if left after about 2 weeks (in winter) lead to DRL failure) I'd be surprised as it was identified very early and most folk had it done ..

95E1 - Repair Xenon Headlights ... This WA called up repair kit A4F0 998 191 Priced at GBP 10.99


Many thanks for your reply, I'm seriously getting hacked off with my local dealer, I can find nothing at all in my paper work i have for the car saying that its had the headlight seals done on recall, Its bloody embarassing when driving down the road and the car has a foggy eye. So there was definitely a recall on them then ? as my so called local dealer claims theres nothing at all and even said "ohh yes there meant to get a bit of condensation in them" I nearly punched his lights out. A call to Audi UK i think.
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