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C6 RS6 common faults

I have looked at a few buyers guides and read various threads. I would like to find out if there are common faults such as the wheel bearing issue or bigger issues to look out for.

There's an oil pump seal and water coolant pipe issues both require engine out to fix , although I heard now that the oil seal can be done with engine still in situ . But I bet it's still not cheap to fix .
BTW . You have just missed what looked like a cracking car ( if you want an avant ) on which had one of these issues fixed and coolant pipes were in very good condition all for 24k  too.

Many thanks for your reply.

I had read about the o ring and pipe issue.

I am hoping the issues are this limited.

Give Ianh a shout. He's been through everything on his c6. Might be able to give you some real insight to the ins and outs!

Hi Hektor - Sadly the Oil Pump O-Rings and Coolant Pipes are "age" related failures so lots of cars are now starting to see one or both of these as they hit 7-8 years old.

The oil pump o-rings can be replaced without removing the engine but it's still at 1000 job (vs 2500 to pull the engine) but the coolant pipes need the engine out, regardless of what some Audi tech's have mentioned!

The Clicking Wheel Bearing issue seems to have been cured and very rarely heard about now.

That is about it, once those two engine out issues are sorted the car is extremely reliable, although a low battery can cause all kinds of electrical gremlins so be careful there!

Much appreciated ian.

I'm a little surprised that there are so few issues. I expected there to be a number of niggles on top of the 2 expensive issues.

Are there other things to look out for such as corrosion on the body, are there any options that are a must have?

Most cars I have seen are 2g. It seems that 08-09 cars are 2g and the 2010- cars are 3g or it it a mix & match?

Compared to the previous C5 it's extremely reliable. I mean there always be a few cars out there that are "Friday Afternoon Specials" with a continuous list of problems but generally they're very good. Bodywork wise there's slightly rusty arches but it's still pretty rare and the obligatory speed based stone chips to look out for.

2G - Pretty much spot on but for 2010 onwards it's a mix unless you're buying a saloon which are all 3G. In actual use there's very little "extra" the 3G gives you but it looks a bit better being a slightly higher resolution screen.

Options - ACC and Keyless Entry seem to be the most sought after but the base spec is actually pretty good anyway so the only "wouldn't it be awesome" option is the Ceramic brakes.

Nice one ian, thanks for the info.

It will certainly help when looking at c6's. Im not 100% sure its the car to buy but it does everything i want it to and having plenty of space it will act perfectly as a second family car.

The ACC is something i loved in my gold r so having it on a rs6 would be ideal. I can take or leave most other things. Its a bonus if the car is well spec'd with options.

Thanks for the useful information! I helped your advice!

Theres one for sale up here from a local guy that's looks after his cars.  Sepang blue, think its on rs246, Pau1.  

When I looked at them a few years back there wasn't much that really goes wrong other than the issues you've found.  Price wise they have stagnated for sure. Forum Index -> Audi S6 & RS 6 (C6) quattro
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