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C6 Wing Mirror broke , any available or how to change?


I'm wondering if anyone can help me, my C6 must of had its drivers wing mirror clipped at some point, because sometimes when you shut the door (and been as heavy as they are) it makes the top Auminium look top half come loose, upon closer inspection i'm pretty sure one of the plastic retaining lugs on the black bottom section of the mirror is missing or broke off. Now without even phoning Audi up and laughing at them down the phone when they say the price for a new one (which i'm sure they wont even sell the bottom section only anyway) does anyone know if anyone has one or where is going to be the best bet to get one from and also does anyone know what is the way of actually getting them off and on in the first place.


Hi Clive, any success with this? There's not that many of us S6 owners and even fewer that are active on forums, have you tried asking in a non car specific category? Might get some others chime in with some help.


Unoftunately its S4 or RS4 B5 owners here fairly exclusively except for one or two of us lol !!

Yeah very true... To be honest the S6 is quite a rare beast...

A photo might help; not quite sure what is loose and what you think might be damaged.
I'd guess the structure and fixings are pretty similar to the S8 though....

Might be worth a call to A8parts as well, they do other Audis.

Many thanks for your replies, I'm pretty sure its one of the catches/bracket inside that has broke, upon angling the mirror lens as far down as it will go i can see a broken catch inside which makes it rattle when you shut the door. The sheer expense of a new cover is out of the question, so i'm wanting to take the lens out then hopefully fix the broken bracket, Its just having the confidence and knowing how to get the lens out as Audi are quoting 360 just for the lens.

Audi are quoting 360 just for the lens........

reasonable as always, I got quoted 387 for an oil & filter, ho ho ho Forum Index -> Audi S6 & RS 6 (C6) quattro
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