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Omega Man

C7 S6 Avant or C7 BiTDi Avant?

Hi all,

Previous 535d touring owner, very happy with the car and miss it having sold it.  Decided I'd like to try an Audi.  Been looking at the BiTDi primarily but then the S6 also has an allure.  Price-wise it's  a bit more but then it's a V8 turbo petrol which should be fun.

Side by side I think the BiTDi is the better car all in.  The 8 speed gearbox is better and the higher torque will make day to day driving more spritely.  Also the miles per gallon on the diesel is far better.  The only spanner in the works I can see is the tuning options on the S6 which could unbalance this.

My thoughts are that the pre-2014 S6 can easily be tuned up 80hp to 500hp with only electronic modifications and in this form it would be a lot faster and more fun to drive than the diesel.  Assuming the 7 speed gearbox can take this extra torque without any risk that would be  seriously quick car without shelling out crazy money.

Obviously I'd like an RS6 but you're talking twice the price of a remap'd S6 so not something I can justify unfortunately.

Any advice much appreciated, esp. around the tuning of the S6 and the risk to the gearbox. Forum Index -> Audi S6, S7, RS 6 & RS 7 (C7) quattro
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