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For reference, where can you get calipers refurbished, and painted?

+1 actually!


Depends what calipers

VAG calipers is not really an issue as you can buy the repair kit for the seals, etc

But all depends on what sort of job you want done

I did the rears on mine myself. Got them sand blasted, and then painted them myself with some Hammerite aerosol. I have done a few like this for customers, and they come out really well, and above all paint has yet to chip/peel off.

Prep is the key here!

Mine at the normal rs6 8pots.  Where are you based and what would it cost for front and rears?

B7 8 pots for me.

Yes it's probably just the sandblasting and new seals bit really.  I'm happy to paint them myself.  Just gotta choose a good colour for Avus.

The bright/electric blue's ok, but doesn't really work brilliantly...

Will be with black rims.

I can get them blasted (media stripper) if you can remove and send?

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