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Can I use RS4 rims on my UrS4

I going to 19's on the RS so I'm planning on keeping the RS4 wheels to put my winter tyres on them ( 255/40/18's on 8.5J ET 20 rims)

Current wheels on the UrS4 are the UrS6 plus rims which are 8J 255/40/17's

So what spacers would I need to use the RS4 wheels please ?


What et are the URS4 wheels? With spacers on the RS4 rims you'd have them sticking ou the arches as they're et20 already.
Imagine the et measurement as 20mm from the centre line of the wheel to the outside of the rim. That's the face position point of the wheel that mounts onto the hub.

Hi Ben

ET 40 so the RS rims would be too wide then ?  

They'd sure look darn good on my Caravelle those 17s hehe. I think they'd stick oot too much. Can you whap one on in yer driveway and see??

Could do but "XXX" is on ( vin diesel) so I'll do it later ... would I need different bolts ?

Thought I'd ask , saves me the hassle  

Pull one of each bolt out and compare them. I still think you'd need a widebody conversion to your URS4 to let them fit Rich.

How cool would that look Ben !!  

Oh yea!!

O man !!! how cool is that link photo ^^^^

Here's mine

Since the front wings are more flaired I might just get away with the fronts but need the rest arches rolled a bit

I tried to get the front off to see what it's like on there  BUT the anti theft bolt has just split in half    
All I f'ing need ... NOT !!
I bet the guy who last serviced it did the nuts up with an air gun    

Now that's just really pissed me off on a nice chilling out Sunday afternoon !!

Post a pic of the nut

Looks like the rear theft bolt  is cracked as well

b*llocks !!

If you have an old box of sockets try and hammer one on that has a near fit. Firstly, soak it in a penetrating oil. I've a few off like that.
If you can't get it off I'll send you to a guy that can at my old workplace.

Cheers Ben, it's currently sorned so not in an immediate panic to get it off for now. Just as well it's not the RS4 as I'm getting the wheels changed next weekend.

Once I get a battery for the UrS4 I'll get it out the garage where I'll have more room to swing a hammer at it    

Tbh Rich the outer bit that has broken away won't make too much difference.  You should still be able to get some purchase for the inner star on to your locking nut.  If the locking nut is fooked then that's a whole other story.  Get car out there, give it some penetrating fluid then give it another go!

Hi mate, it's big eats time so I'll have another look at it tmw but fae noo Suzi is hibernating  
(The lock bolt is fine, just the wheel bolt bit has broken off)
It's just an idea bit looking at the rear wheel phot, I wouldn't get away with that if I was spotted by plod !! Forum Index -> Audi urS4/S6 quattro
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