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Can't get in the boot

Key fits in the hole but doesn't turn, been soaked with penetron oil, still. Any turn the key, how do I get in the boot without doing any major damage ?  

Press the boot opening button on your keyfob?

Remote central locking not worked for ages, ( probably keyfob battery long dead ) eventually got in the boot, one on the linkages not connected !!

Cheers anyhoo  

Re: Can't get in the boot

quattrokid wrote:
Can't get in the boot

Christ how big are you..?

I can get 3 guys in my boot, with room for a small child..!

Bollux  !!

I've got Imol4vant's parts to pass onto him when we meet up.... he rang last night inviting us over this weekend to celebrate the ole fart's birthday  

NOW I need to get in the boot !!

Rear seats are fixed so canny get in that way, barrel lock is bolted into place from the inside

Any sensible ideas ......  How to get in with minimal damage into a 1994 100/A6 please ? Forum Index -> Audi urS4/S6 quattro
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