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Car running Lambda sensors required

Car is running rough as hell.

Any thoughts appreciated.

Sounds like a coil pack/ignition issue.

If the lambda was gone the car would assume worst case scenario and basically overfuel.

Most cars the post cat lambdas don't adjust fuel trim.

Oh and you should have Eml if you have a dead lambda.

Easiest way to tell is get it on vcds, easy to scaremongere and hard to diagnose

Could be coil pack.

What makes you think it's the lamba sensors?

Check for air leak first.

What caused it? Or did it just develop on its own?

Thanks for the updates.  I have replaced the pre cat Lamda and seems a bit better and idles much smoother.  Needs a bit of a run and then needs hooking up to VAG to see what is what.

I see how it goes, but other options suggested are good.


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