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carbon dipping

Has anyone had anything carbon dipped? i saw these guys at a car show and was impressed by the quality of the finish, lots of choice too.

You send of what ever part you want done and they send it back a few days later, not bad prices too.

I know it won't be for everybody, but i'm thinking of getting a few interior bits done.

i wonder how the Y pipe would look ?

Looks very interesting. Not seen anything like that before.

I want some wheels in wood grain finish to mess with people's heads!

Looks to be a nice finish on the parts, the carbon fiber effect doesn't look too realistic on some of the parts in thier gallery

I wonder how it would cope with heat being on a engine cover?

Hmm... looks around the house to see what could be carbon dipped..

have you seen this stuff?

thats similar mate, this stuff can be done at home, it looks easy enough. i was thinking of geting some of the engine covers done

The carbon dipping with he loss lacquer is interesting.  A couple of pic in the galleries look like engine tops / covers so must be ok with heat, likewise wheels get a battering too.

I'd contemplate the engine and airbox covers or mine but ideally want to take the car somewhere for the to do it as opposed to sending bits off.

Anyone know anywhere in the south?

There was a guy doing it near me , it was " OK " but a chav in the flesh .

I think i will try this and do it myself, 2m of film may get some other little bits done as well

They use a water bath and the film is laid over the top and it item to be coated is dipped into the water.

At the Goodwood Breakfast Club I saw the guys from 'The Wheel Specialist' at Fareham. Their van had wheels that appeared to be done in that process.
Just seen that they now have a branch in East Grinstead.

all the utube clips make it look easy. i searched you tube for mydipkit and there are 100's videos

ScottR wrote:
Looks very interesting. Not seen anything like that before.

I want some wheels in wood grain finish to mess with people's heads!

That would be fricking orsome! me three! hehe

i just think to start with the engine covers would look ace, not sure about the wheels. we have a stonking v8 under the bonnet but just looks like all the other cars withthose plastice engine covers

The pictures look good,but i doubt it will look that good in flesh

there is a website too

RS4Jules wrote:
The pictures look good,but i doubt it will look that good in flesh

just seen this clip

TVR used to have this done on the GRP engine intakes and from a distance looked very good but close up you can tell it is not carbon fibre however clever stuff.

Carbon Dipping Wicked Coatings in Poole

I've had some stuff carbon dipped by these guys

their stuff is amazing. the quality of work is awesome. looks just like the the real thing!

We were looking at setting up to offer this service - its a clever system whereby you float a layer of special printed "vinyl" in a bath of largely water, the holding / backing sheet then dissolves away and you push the prepped and charged (to attract) wheel / tank / item through the surface and the film clings to it.

Then you have to lacquer the item like you would with any paint finish - the issue / reservation we had was that the process relied on the quality of the painter / sprayer and their turnaround - we are not paint sprayers so until we can bring that close to in-house we wouldnt be happy to offer it.

My other reservation was the price point  - since a proper wheel refurb is around 60-75 anyway, would people be prepared to pay an extra 30-40 minimum for a special finish?

I'd be very interested in feedback on this as I have a very keen wrapper /fitter who wanted to get this off the ground - then there might be an outlet in the South..!

Not even heard of It before, interesting tho! Forum Index -> Tuning and Modifications
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