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Carls S3 8P

Well I have had my S3 a month now, I was sold it with a miltek downpipe and stage 1 remap and have added a few bits and bats to get it to where I want it to be.

Since I have bought it I have added a Revo induction kit and miltek non-resonated cat back to complete the exhauat. I have also changed all the interior lights to LED type's as well as the number plate lights and the DRL's for a whiter light.

I intend to have a HPFP fitted and am uprated clutch and then go for stage 2+ but I think that will be after my wedding in October! Anyways here are a few pictures...


Forgot to post some interior pics!


Tidy, like those

Cheers 👍🏻
Adam L

A pal of mine has just bought a 60 plate one of these in exactly the same colour, the dsg version (or whatever it's called), lovely motor. Really like the colour too. They're crying out for a remap in standard form, so yours should go well

very tidy looking S3
I bet ya been having a blast since buying it

Yeah I deffo have been enjoying it, it's so good on fuel compared to the Impreza I had before even when you press on!

Very nice what impreza did you have before?

I had a WR1 before this, it was awesome... So good down an A road but not the best everyday car... Ideally it would be a weekend toy!


Looks awesome - Always like them, had 4 imprezas myself, all just WRX's though (3 classics & 1 blobeye). I see the WR1's are still commanding quite a high price. I still like the impreza, but just can't get over how much the image of them has bee tarnished

Yeah I know what you mean I had a afterburner vortex exhaust on mine in the end and it sounded amazing but probably a bit too loud for the neighbours etc haha... It was so fast but it brought a bit too much attention as well like you say because of the image that they have everyone assumes your a knob! I'm glad I owned it though and its a box ticked!

Also fitted the forge PCV delete now as well which seems to have sorted a problem I was having with the revs falling to idle and dipping too low... Forum Index -> Members' Cars
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