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Cayenne 18Z caliper largest possible disc diameter?

I have been offered some front discs for almost free which will fit on the S4 (B5) but the diameter is 375mm...... as I am trying to put together a BBK will these fit in Cayenne 18Z calipers?

What is the biggest diameter disc an 18Z caliper can handle?

With out making custom carriers to take bigger discs its 352mm

i did ask ages ago if anyone would be interest in some carriers but got no feedback

argh.... so with custom caliper carriers i could use a bigger disc?

what would the biggest disc diameter be then? could i use these 375 discs or is that a step to far?

hard to comment as a 375mm discs as you have to know pad surface area and thickness

well thats easy to answer as i have found some info on the disc.

375mm Out side diamter

225mm inside diameter of brake contact face

32mm thickness

after a little mathes it has a 75mm wide contact face for the caliper pads.

Is that enough?

thickness is right. sadly i do not have a pad at hand i can measure. If you can get a pad and place it on the discs surface it will give you a good idea if its worth getting carriers made up

well the free disc idea might be out the window as the new rims i have wont clear above a cayenne caliper 18z and 355mm disc combination.

What 350/355 discs are people using on the 18z caliper conversion?
All the info i can find is on the 330 17z caliper conversion....

I have found that a Jaguar XKR 4.2 Supercharged 06- disc is 355 x 32 which only needs new bolting holes and a bore spacer and its height is only out by 2mm away from the hub which is means 2mm off the caliper lugs. All of which is very easily do-able.
But i dont know the pad swept area on this disc?
Does any one have a full dimension drawing for this disc? Forum Index -> Tuning and Modifications
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