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cgtechuk's Santorin Blue PFL S4 B5

Hi All,

Quick bit about me, I am from Scotland, Had several Audi's in the past

90 80 2.3
96 A4 2.6
98 A4 2.5 TDI Avant
99 A6 1.8T Avant running on LPG
99 A6 4.2 V8 Saloon running on LPG
00 A6 2.7 Twin Turbo Saloon

Here is the story about how I decided on buying an B5 S4 and ended up with 2!

Basically what happened was I seen an S4 I wanted in Norwich online and it was totally standard performance wise but was fully loaded and most importantly in very good condition spec:

Electric Sunroof
Black RS4 Recaro Interior
Facelift Interior
Carbon Trim
Double DIN Stereo

I also think the plate on it is hilarious lol.

Here are some pics:


The day before I had went to go see the one in Norwich I got a reply finally from someone selling one more local to me in Perth so I decided to go and see it as well.

Car was a bit rough round the edges but went like a stabbed rat.


Full Custom Turboback Stainless
Forge Recirc Valves
Mapped to ~300 (I think)
Black Leather Interior
Black Doorcards

Some pics:

so said to the guy that I would get back to him as the car did have some decent potential and it was a decent bit cheaper than the other one but didn't look the best so decided to go and get the one down south

So plane to London from Glasgow booked, Train from London to Norwich booked and my friend and I were good to go!

The flight however was at 6am    

Get to London and get chatting to my mate about the car up here and how I wish I could just have one car that had the best of both worlds and that then got me thinking I could swap the exhaust, coilovers and recircs to the Norwich car and then tidy up the Perth car and sell it on as standard or even break it.

So in a moment of madness I sent a message to the guy in Perth with an offer of what I thought the car was worth and that is when we arrived in Norwich

After taking the car out I loved it thought it was great and went to the local bank for cash (Seeing as you lot south of the border don't like our money     ) to pay the dude.

We get in the car and get ready to drive home and the other guy texts back accepting the offer lol. I couldn't quite believe what I had done. I had just bought both!!  

So broke the news to my mate that we then had to drive home past Glasgow and head to Perth to collect the other one as well lol.

The norwich car drove fantastic, Felt brilliant and made all the right noises and after a very very long day we arrived home safely with both of them. Now came the painful part explaining to my wife why I bought 2    

Very nice mate reg is worth a bit I'd imagine

A pic of the both of them together. It was only at this point I realised they were both the same year and also the same colour! I wasn't sure about it at first but the colour really does look good

The twins lol:


kylebrady wrote:
Very nice mate regarding is worth a bit I'd imagine

Cheers mate .. I priced up how much the mods would be to buy separately and this is what finally sold it to me. Still unsure whether I am going to sell the Perth car or break it though.

So the rest of this thread will be mainly about the car I plan on keeping given that it is the project car and the other one is just for some mods to be swapped over.

On the look for some wheels for the car I saw some genuine BBS Split Rim Speedlines for sale in Fife and I hesitated a bit buying them as they would still need a refurb and tyres. But I got a come get them tonight and you can have them 50 cheaper than your last offer so guess what.. Off I went for some BBS wheels!!

There is a place close to me who was doing a special offer to refurb them, Powdercoat them from a range of colours and then have tyres fitted and balanced for 168!! So got the wheels and they are off to the powdercoaters for a refurb and will come back a nice Anthracite / Gun Metal Grey

So next day decided to let the part swapping commence:

First thing to swap over was the Forge Recircs which is the point which I found out the car I am keeping has had all the hoses swapped out for Silicon ones result!!

We then moved some of the painted dress items from under the bonnet to the other car. Although I am still unsure whether I think they look tacky or not? Opinions?

That was enough for the day so packed up and took the car a drive round the block and I had no boost and there was a horrible burning oil smell coming from the engine bay

Pulled over and hada look and found this..

I am guessing it had sheered off when we were fitting the dress items to the engine bay. Car home parked up and it sat there for a few days whilst I awaited bits arriving from AutoSiliconHoses to fabricate a new one and do an f pipe delete whilst I am at it.

Spider  hose quick fix until I get time to make a proper one at least its airtight and solid (Jubilee City) :

Revised spider hose fitted I fitted an Ebay catch can that I got locally for dirt cheap at the same time to the ABS bracket. Although I think that does look tacky! We will see if it stays or I find a nicer looking one!

Car is up and running again and all is well and booked in for an MOT in the morning this should be interesting

looking good! interesting project!

think positive! the worst is over the wife knows you bought two!!  

aidank1981 wrote:
looking good! interesting project!

think positive! the worst is over the wife knows you bought two!!

Well MOT results are in:

New Sidelight bulb
Rear passengers abs sensor
Front Pads
Some Exhaust Clamps
Two back tyres

Overall not bad at all I say! phew!

Sorry should have touched wood...

I had this on my radar


Started the MOT work and wish I hadn't, Found the reason that the ABS Light was on and that was that the sensor on rear left (The Expensive Side) was broken.

Bought the sensor and planned to rewire the headlight level sensor and was not impressed when I got under the car and this was the sight I was left with!

After calming down lol I could not get the thing to shift at all no matter how much I tried so left it in the hands of my mechanic.

Whilst I had to wait for a few days for my mechanic to get booked in I decided to get the car windows tinited. All the back windows were done in a dark smoke which I got mates rates from a friend who owns a place close by. I was never really a fan of them but I think they look pretty good on the car.




Then it was off for the MOT work and all was going well until I got the call to say that the mechanic had fitted the new discs and pads to the car and now the Wheels were catching on the Brake Caliper even though they never did before you couldn't make it up! So left work early got the spacers from Halfords dropped them off at the mechanic and then he called back saying that the bolts didn't fit you couldnt make it up!. Dropped off some replacement bolts I had from a set of wheels before and was told that they were too long! Bloody car!!

Finally got the car back with the bolts that were too short so had to put some runner wheels on the car just to get it back on the road for a day or two.

Some of the parts to put the stereo system in also turned up so getting there!

Got a call from the alloy wheel place to see the wheels were ready so went to go and pick them up

Got home and spent the most of saturday moving the wheels around back onto the correct cars seeing as I had a mix and match going on thanks to the wheel spacing issues and little did I know that was going to continue.

Whilst the wheels were off here is how I found the headlight level sensor, This will explain why my headlights have been pointing to the ground since I bought the car lol

Reattached it and secured it then went back to the wheels

Turns out the BBS Speedlines are ET54 so were 9mm too close to the car. Ended up having to put 10mm spacers and extended bolts on and even with them had to file the lip off the caliper and wow it is a tight fit!!

Wheels are on the car now and they look smart and I like the look!

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