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Changed my 710B to 710N

I checked my DVs and found they were 710B.  Possibly the originals and therefore 70,000 miles old.  Both held a vacuum and neither appeared to leak but they did open very easily compared to the new 710N.
Having changed them I've noticed no change in the way the car drives. I was expecting something but I'm not sure what!  Have I wasted 60 or will they prove to be a worthwhile investment after a remap?

I had 710A's on when mine it went to be remapped. They were working at the time, but I was advised to change them as a matter of course. I think you did well to get 70K out of them and have just invested 60 in a wise precaution. They will be more durable and operate correclty, but you won't get a performance gain. Forum Index -> Tuning and Modifications
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