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changing clock time on dial

i currently have no owners manual and i need to change the clock time on the rev dial on my 2002 s6. can someone help please. also does anyone know how i can get hold of an owners manual for a 2002 s6.

many thanks

Hi mate.
If it's the same as mine with seven dials cross the dash, then there is a knob/pin on the left hand side (if RHD). turning it does nothing. pull it out (towards you) and turn it thusly, should achieve you what you desire.
If not... no idea!! LoL

As for the owners manual, i've got a link on my work computer so shall forward it on here soon. I got it by googling it, though, so try there if you haven't already!

If it is the same as the B5, then as above, pull the left hand stick, and once you have set one part, pull it again, and when finished, i think it is one final pull, and job done

There should be a manual online somewhere for your car.

IIRC you have to be stationary to do this, too. Its disabled when the vehicle is moving (which is of course when you notice it and want to do something about it!)

Not too sure i'd want to try it driving Nick   , but yep as far as i know you need to be stationary.

owners manual

thanks for the reply on the dash clock. any chance of the owners manual?


I'm not at work until next week, but here are a couple of potentials.
I think i paid 16 for mine off of the website, about 9 years ago-ish. Forum Index -> Audi urS4/S6 quattro
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