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big mac

check out ken blocks mates b5

Link work ok..?

i couldn't access it

Bit of modification to the link posted I got this..?

Parks next to an RS4 B5 at around 0.57

Wont be an RS4.  Maybe a WB S4...

doesn't ken know smoking is bad for him      

great car control

someone else thinks its an rs4 -- a few comments down....

I'd say it's an RS4..

at 1.40 it looks alot like a standard exhaust..

It would've been pretty anal to import that as well as all the body parts.. He could've just gone aftermarket for that..

You need to understand the import laws in the US. They cannot import a car that wasn't released in the US for something like 15 yrs without going through some anal tests, and costing a zillion dollars.

Which is why there are only a handful if WB conversions in the US.

In 3-4 yrs time and there will be imports from the UK or Europe.

So, either KB has an RS4, and paid a fortune for it, which Is possible. Or he has a WB S4 Avant/RS4 replica.

Just read Audizine about how many RS4 owner-wannabe's there are at the moment.

I see your point there..

Hmm, I'll ask him

Thread resu-erection!

It's a real RS4. Belongs to Todd Richards.

I have been chatting on Instagram about it. He has a pretty 'rapid' TTRS too..

Interesting link big mac, however as for big mouth ken block - none impressive results on the WRC for such a self confessed super star driver - yawn. Forum Index -> Car Videos
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