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chip for S4 V8??

Hi guys.
a friend off mine has just bought him an s4 v8 (ABH engine) and were trying to fine the best chip for it, so any links ideas anything is appreciated

ALSO, does it help regarding MPG or does it get worse?


I might add its an audi 100 S4 v8 from

Are you in the uk?? C4 v8 s6 was only ever a LHD and never directly imported.

if its bosch motronic then should be do-able. you wont get much mind 10/15% inprovement max.

Nope im from denmark m8
Yes well  the guys ok with that, hes buying a new exhaust and panel filter as well, and he just want it to be the best it can be
I have found some from germany and ebay, but dont want to chance it so any ideas where i can find a good chip??
Dont think MRC does one off the shelf

TBH without spending shit loads on the V8 panel filter straight pipe and ECU
is pretty much as far as you can go. could get the 5pot version

Well i know which one I like, but he gets a hard on when he hear an v8 engine so i guess hes just a lost cause

Will keep looking for it then haha

AUDIS2avant wrote:
...he gets a hard on when he hear an v8 engine so i guess hes just a lost cause

Same here mate, that noise... mmm... Just need the MilTek on the back  

MRC makes a chip for the V8 ABH motor you have.
The ABH was offered in S4s and S6s from 1992 on.
The S6 Plus used the AHK motor which later went into the S8 as the AKH

MRC claims an additional 15bhp and 30nm of torque

they want 400 w/VAT

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