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Chris Knott - Bunch of (insert appropriate expletive)


Having seen them in here, I decided to call them for a quote.  They matched my best price, and offered a better deal on the payments (I pay up this policy and pay in full all my others).  All good.

So I take the policy out on the first, and today I get a call saying there was a mistake made when giving the details, and my premium has, as a result, jumped from £400 to £900.  An increase of £500.  WTF???

And what was this mistake?  It was regarding a claim I made in August last year (actually, I should point out, the incident was in August, the repairs were in August, the car was back to me in August, but the insurance company decided to mark it down as September instead, meaning all my other quotes will need adjusted now too).  Which, when asked about, this is exactly what I said, AUGUST LAST YEAR.  Yet the bint on the other end of the phone obviously thought it was 2011 or something, so she put down the claim as August 2010.

She even had the cheek to blatantly LIE to me and said she went back over the recording and I did say 2010.  I think I know when the accident was dear, and I do actually want insured on this motor.  Why would I lie?  EVERY quote I had been enquiring about had been told AUGUST LAST YEAR.  I know this, as I have a little document in front of me with ALL the details, for just such questioning.

Anyway, she lied, presumably so she didn't have to take the blame, and therefore could charge me £39 for the 3 days worth of insurance I had, that if something had happened and I needed to claim, would have no doubt been refused because of her mistake.

Thanks Chris Knott.  I realise £39 isn't a lot of coin, but ffs, its the principle.  Your bint clearly lied to me making it out as if I'd mislead her in order to get the cheaper quote.

Will not be calling you again.  EVER.

Hi xs2man,

I'd like to look into the incident you have highlighted here to see if I can resolve it for you. If we're in the wrong I think the least we can do is waive the £39 fee.

Could you please PM me your name, postcode and the phone number you called from?

I'll come back to you as soon as I have listened to the call.

Having looked into this and listened to both the calls that refer to the accident date, it seems we were correct and 2010 is the date that was mentioned - twice.

We have received an apology from the member concerned and this thread will be deleted shortly.

It's your call of course, but I hope you choose to leave the thread here.

This has cheered up an otherwise cheerless morning Forum Index -> Chris Knott Insurance
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