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CHRISKNOTT - No Insurance

@ certain good is it?
Simply because they have made a loss in that if you live in SK1-10 area you will not be able to get a quote.


same for sky and other insurers, won't touch certain north west postcodes

making me reconsider certain areas to buy my next house in

It not good in the sense it's not good there are areas with that high a risk. Or is it a case of these are areas where insurers have not correctly asssessed the risk in the past and have therefore been burnt?

It's not usually the fault of the individual insurance brokers, it's the ABI who choose the risk ratings of postcodes.

And if you're lucky enough to live in a super duper high risk area (like I am in Liverpool), you'll struggle to get anyone to provide a quote, let alone a competitive one!


You might get lucky with a local broker who knows the area and can assess the risk themselves, but for most national brokers they have to trust the information which has been passed to them.

That was a point I didn't get too. It's the way the system is, not anything unique to a particular insurer so far as I know. Not ideal, but unfortunately the way it currently is.

I live in very close proximity to a lake. Touch wood this is not an area that has ever flooded properties or is classed as a flood zone. However especially since the UK has been hit by flooding disasters over the last few years, I am exluded from many home insurance quotes on my proximity to water alone. The risk is not really assesed, it's excluded under blanket terms. To get a competetive quote and also a policy that is not ambiguous to the cover, I require the services of a local broker who knows the location well enough to explain to the underwriters. A comparable scenario I'd say.

thread revival!

just tried to get some new insurance with chris knott and hoped moving from liverpool where it was virtually impossible to get insured on a heavily modified car it would be easier to get a quote. how wrong i was! based in a CW postcode isnt much better either, as its the northwest in general it seems!

BUT the biggest problem was that it seems that chris knott have imposed a 50bhp gain to their modified cars that they can insure, so my car was definitely not insurable!

Ah well, more calls to make.......

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