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clarkson & the RS3 sunday times

anyone read Clarksons review of the RS3 in last weeks Sunday Times?
he wasnt too impressed! Thought the DSG thing was too jumpy around town & basically thought a BMW 1M was a better car!
RS3 certainly moves tho - 0-60 in 4.6! Thats fast for a Golf!
Oops! sorry thats 0 - 62mph! I know some people get very upset about the two mph! LOL!
I wouldnt mine one tho if they were priced a bit more realistically!

I much prefer the look of the M1 Coupe, the RS3 never really caught my eye from the second it didn't have the RS arches

EASILY mistaken for a S line !! Yet again Audi missed an opportunity !!


i've shagged better looking fat birds after 20 pints

I can't help but feeling that it would make an excellent 'S' product but hasn't gone quite far enough as an 'RS'.

We've one due in any time soon so I guess I'll make my mind up in the metal then

I had a go in one a week or two ago, and I have to say its all right, it went well, and the dsg is a pucker piece of kit. Looks wise maybe not aggressive enough for die hard RS fans, but if I had loads of cash, I would get one for the other half without a second thought. That said the wheels with that red flash around the edge, gash or what!!!!!

frazered wrote:
i've shagged better looking fat birds after 20 pints

      YEA !!!   That Beemer is a minger aint it Forum Index -> Audi S3 & RS 3 (8P) quattro
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