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Cold and classy ?

Took the old 2 for a drive today, see if anyone recognizes where I went ?
Cobwebs well and truly cleared !

Not once did the readout get to plus readings.

no idea where you are......... but looks really good!!!

Is it your driveway?

bluebrakes wrote:
Is it your driveway?

That's the tradesman's entrance!

f*ck the location.........look at the motor....  

That looks like one of the entrances to Stowe school but I doubt you came all the way up here (Bucks.) for a drive

Looks like boconac house driveway or even cohtehle house?

5potmad wrote:
f*ck the location.........look at the motor....  

Filthy ain't it  
Clue - 390 miles there and back and look at the stone colour.

Cracking pictures.  Good to see the 2 getting some use.  

tis looking good mark, is it Longleat  what the F*ck do i know

No idea, can't really make out the stone colour!  Reminds me of somewhere near Gloucester - big manor entrance - can't remember the name of it.  It's not cotteswold stone so supect it's somewhere else famous.. ?  Don't think were cultured enough  

Car is fab though     I must admit I've burned 3 tanks of fuel in the past 10 days in mine, so much for living in the garage for the winter.  It's just too fun to drive and too tempting at 6.30am when i have one car in the garage and another one frozen up and its -7  

Where is the temp sensor by the way?  Mine reads a couple of degrees high, and when stopped it rises and doesn't drop until I'm on the move again.  Had it up to 17.5C on saturday!

Dyrham park, just north of Bath. Went to Monkton Farleigh and back for my little spin.
Look at the state of it though.

I was staring to get ice sculptures building up on the wing mirrors and the oil was cooling too much and causing the pressure to rise.
It was -4.5 when the shots were taken.

Any excuse to clean her again isn't it lol....crackin motor. Forum Index -> Audi S2 & RS 2 (B3 & B4) quattro
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