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Cold starting issue v8

Hi all,
Problem with starting the v8 in the morning or after being left for a long time.
It seems like no power is going to the starter ?

So, in the morning I have put the key to start position (power to starter), nothing happens, if I hold it to start it has fired into life after a few seconds.
Its fine when the car has been started, just this delay when its been sitting.

No clicking sounds either, could this be a dodgy ignition barrel ?

Was really bad this morning, it took a few goes to get her to fire up, on/off/on/off with the key

Anyone else had this problem ?


The starters are common to fail on these so it could be that or the relay

How old is your battery?

Almost certainly the starter motor, or the starter motor relay.  

"in the morning or after being left along time"

points me to the battery for an easy check off the culprits list

and OP lives way opp North where it is always cold!

Battery is fine, cranks over quick.

Found if I wiggle the key a bit it works.
I think I will replace the relay first then the barrel switch.
Last job will be the starter.

Keep you all posted on this one

Had this several times; mostly when cold and always at an inconvenient moment.

Replaced the starter motor and all's good now. One of the few common problems on this car.

Fixed now, it was the starter motor.
One very cold morning the car wouldn't engage the starter for ages, but I noticed the interior light would dim slightly, you would only notice this in the dark.
So I forked out for a new starter, I was going to replace the ignition first but definatly glad I didn't.

Cheers all.

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