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collect my rs3 1st march

decided that it was time for a new car, luckly i managed to get an audi rs3 and picked all the spec and it will be here for 1st march just finishing the final touches off now then it will be sent over then i can collect. counting down the days

Nice m8 I know how you feel mine should be here soon 2nd week I think but maybe ours on the same boat lol

it has been been confimred it is at the docks awaiting to load the boat so i dont think it will make the 1 of march as there is only one boat a week will know more on monday not that fussed as only ordered the car 15th of feb

Nice one not long now then , well I only ordered mine on monday lol I was lucky I got a cancelled order to my spec waiting for me

I think I will call Audi in morning to see if it's been loaded too

i still have not got my car they say that there was a delay at the port and they think it is either on the boat or at the dock as the computer is down getting sick of waiting, you got your car yet

Photos is a must when you finally collect it



Very pleased for you that you have an RS3 coming.

Can you contact me about the deposit that you left on my MTM B5 RS4 on 11 Feb 2012 please?

You are supposed to be collecting the car (and payaing the balance) by this weekend as agreed but I have been unseccessful in contacting you. Forum Index -> Audi S3 & RS 3 (8P) quattro
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