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Confused by the computer...


As per my post in the welcome area, I've just acquired a b6 s4 avant.

This morning I pressed the check button (both with and without the engine running) and it is giving me (apparently) warnings for literally everything.


Red Coolant
Red Oil
Yellow fuel
Yellow brake


then at the end it gives a green OK

It's got over half a tank of petrol in it. I've done a visual check on the coolant levels and they are between min and max, which is where they should be according to the owners manual.
I've checked the oil levels and they appear to be ok.

When I start it up it just comes up with the green OK and nothing else. If I press check again when any of the above warnings come up it doesn't give me the stop engine, etc message that the owners manual says it should, so I am confused.

Have I bought a lemon with loads of issues? Or, when I press check is it just running through all the possible warnings but not actually warning me (I wish but I doubt that's the case) or, could it be that there's something up with the computer?

I daren't drive it for the time being for fear of wrecking it if there is an issue but I have driven it in the past couple of days with no signs of problems or overheating and there is no sign of fluid leak where I left it parked overnight last night...

Its testing that the test warning display is fully working. Sure it will be fine.

Thanks. That does appear to be the consensus so far. I guess I am just being paranoid!

The fact it clears the OK then its passed its tests - if there was an issue the issue would continue to display to warn of the issue. if the car is running and nothing displaying then I would say your good. Enjoy then v8 and get some images up so can see this motor. Forum Index -> Audi S4 & RS 4 (B6 & B7) quattro
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