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It has come to our attention that some forum members think we are linked with one of the other insurance providers out there because a name similar to ours appears against transactions on their bank statements.

So we wanted to make it clear, for the avoidance of doubt, that there is NO commercial relationship between us and any of the other providers on car club forums.

Actually there is good natured competition between all the providers on the forums and we come across each other often. But we are all completely separate, so you should always call Chris Knott Insurance for a quote and shouldn't think you've heard our quote just because you've called one of the other firms.

Chris Knott's quoteline is 0800 917 2274 / 01424 200477. Please quote your unique club code to make sure you receive the full benefit.

where can we find this 'unique club code'

aidank1981 wrote:
where can we find this 'unique club code'


Chris Knott Insurance official forum insurance partner
Please call 0800 917 2274 (or 01424 200477 - cheaper for mobiles)
and QUOTE REF: 993-ASR

In my sig below (993-ASR) or you can quote the forum name and that'll do just as well. Forum Index -> Chris Knott Insurance
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