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Coolant glitter

Hey Guys,

I'm in the process of pulling the motor out for a K04 build.
I drained the fluid through the drain plug in the rear of the block.
I noticed that there are glitter like particles in the coolant.

Should I be worried?
I'm changing the water pump in the process.
The weird thing is the particles are all perfectly round and have the same size.
Maybe some leak stopping additive?


Re: Coolant glitter

NickB5 wrote:

Maybe some leak stopping additive?

My guess also, probably something like k-seal...

Horrible stuff! . . Sticks around for ages even after a few flushes

Leak sealant by the looks of it. Usually copper sort of gold colour flakes.

How long have you had the car?
Did the previous owner maybe have a problem with the heater matrix?

Alex Rhys

Definitely k seal.

Ok thanks, will give it a flush when it's out.

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