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Correct battery size for the C5?

I've had a few close calls with this cold weather so it's time for a new battery on my 2001 C5 S6 4.2. All the aftermarket sites are showing a 019 size battery of between 800-900cca and 90-100ah.

This is a lot bigger than my current one in capacity 720cca and 80ah, but more importantly size as mine appears to be size 110.

The 019 is 354x175x190 vs my 110 is 317x175x175.

What is the correct size, I've no problem fitting the larger one if it will actually fit in the hole.

on an RS6 Avant the OE Battery is an 020 ( don't know about a saloon though)
Capacity 110Ah amp/hour

394mm long
190mm high
175mm wide

The aftermarket one's are the wrong size and are too big to fit in the tray.

You have the correct size already fitted but the amp rating is a little low. The Audi Pt No for a new S6 battery is 000 915 105 AJ but Varta do a good replacement for 78 delivered -

That's great, thanks for the help. I did spot a few threads saying the battery they had been supplied didn't fit.

That RS6 one sounds HUGE!

Yeah, I'm not sure why either as the engine doesn't require any more Amps to get it cranked and there's not lots of extra power draining electrics over the S6. Forum Index -> Audi S6 & RS 6 (C5) quattro
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