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[D2 S8] Thinking about coming back to Audi... please advice!

Been a while since I've been on this forum, my B5 S4 really left me with a horrible taste in my mouth... I've owned it for just 7 or 8 months, and only ran great for three weeks.
At just 200k km, I've had leaky turbos, leaky recirc valves, deceased cam adjusters, shot wheel bearings (rears TWICE), all four egt/o2 sensors dead, maf gone bad, untraceable abs fault, srs fault out of nowhere, a loud rattle from the exhaust manifolds, it was just plain horrible.
About two weeks after I sold it (finally running good and with a new MOT), the new owner called to tell the (two and a half grand) rear diff died on him; he sold it pretty quickly afterwards, it even never got a new MOT after that... it had a full service history up until 4yrs before I bought it, but it was just a piece of sh!t to be honest.
At the same time, faults in C6 A6's at work (blown engines and automatic transmissions) scared me right into the arms of BMW.

Chances are I have to start commuting a whole lot further for my job, as there is absolutely no work for me here in the Netherlands, and the Germans are in 'dire need' of people like me haha
For longer commutes my 3-series just will not cut the mustard, I don't want to work all shook up after a 1.5/2hr drive.
It's set up too uncomfortable, better suited for track days and going sideways... but, a regular D2 A8 4.2 is too much set up like an old mans car for my liking, and nowadays earlier D2 S8's (with what I've understood 32v engines instead of 40v) are really dirt cheap, and they seem to offer what I expect from a nice commuters car; speed, comfort, even a somewhat acceptable mileage for an enthusiast, but with that special sporty edge when it comes to suspension and engine.

So, I am looking into a second chance for Audi (rather than just going for a 740i) and MAYBE buying an unmodified late 32v D2 S8 with automatic transmission with around 175 to 200.000km.
I've read on a few US forums (first hits on google) that these engines are as good as bullet proof, the mileage is supposed to be around 10-12 liters per 100km, and other than leaky oil seals on the transmissions ingoing axle and rear diff there is not much that goes bad?
From personal experience, I take it that maf's still go bad, and so can coilpacks and 02 sensors... do these engines have egt sensors too, like the B5 S4?
How are the automatic transmissions holding up?
I've read that the cam belt/pullies/tensioner/waterpump should be replaced every 130k km's (though I prefer to buy a car that hasn't had it done yet, because I can and want to do it myself).
Anything else that I haven't mentioned yet I should know about?
I would love to get some reassuring words and realistic views from you guys, as I've always held this forum in high regards when it comes to knowledge about these cars back when I was battling my stresS4. Forum Index -> Audi S8 (D2, D3 & D4) quattro
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