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Dannys Imola S4 Avant

So I picked this car up yesterday from Richspec after a long drive from Peterborough to Cumbria!

It is exactly what I wanted! and Drives perfect!

I will use this Post to update what I have done, progress will be slow to start with while I build my funds back up, but I have some big plans for the car!

Heres a list of mods already on the car:
RS4 intercoolers with fancy silcone pipes, new engine bay under shield fitted at same time.
Ebay quickshift
SPA Boost gauge in central air vent.
Black diamond combi front discs.
RS style wheels.
afterrun mod
RS4 scuttle panel/battery cover
Tow bar
APR downpipes and full system, custom dual tailpipe section.
Hoptchkiss anti roll bars.

Some pictures when I first got her:

Here she is with my mates TT 1.8T Quattro

Yes you may have noticed I have referred to the car as a female.. All my cars are females.. Not sure if this is just me that does this!    

Can't beat an Imola nice car welcome in!!

Nice one Danny

Lovely rear exhaust look there

Just remove that ugly tow hitch!  

Welcome Danny!  The wheels are Nuvolari wheels by the way.

Very nice!

More pics of that exhaust setup would be nice!

Yeah tow bar will be coming off its on my to do list
The owner before me had some nice pictures of the exhaust set up will try find those
track build

looking nice I've never seen a yellow one on the road yet.
I'm after a tow bar for mine if your selling?

Looking forward to an Imola being modded up.

What are you plans on the cosmetic side of things?

Lovely car mate, liking the exhaust  

Where abouts in cumbria did you collect it from ?

track build wrote:
looking nice I've never seen a yellow one on the road yet.
I'm after a tow bar for mine if your selling?

Yes mate ones i get it off it'll be up for sale.

Just tidying up the outside. I have Facelift lights on the back now and debating an RS4 style grill...
Will lower it a little bit as well.

Picked up from Penrith

Sooo an update!!
Nothing major done just a few bits and peices!!

First off! Tow bar is finally off the car!!

Also decided to upgrade to an RS4 style grill!

Managed to keep the S4 Badge and make it fit

Also make the rear look a bit newer, Face Lift Lights.


Your no slow

Re: s4

colin123 wrote:
Your no slow

Aha Like to keep it moving there will be a few more posts over the next few days as replacement parts arrive and few more goodies!


I do love Imola

I must say the colour is pretty amazing!

absolutely devestated you got to this before me lol

Was this at modified nationals this weekend ?

Yes buddy it was

Yes buddy it was

Danny- wrote:
Yes buddy it was

check your inbox danny Forum Index -> Members' Cars
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