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Did you know Wagner Tuning also do BMW?

Did you know Wagner Tuning also do BMW?

Well we do!

Current we have intercooler kits and downpipes available.

Please take a look ...,b.html

Maybe not the best place to advertise BMW but you will be surprised how many closet BMW fans there are here

More products coming soon!

I can vouch for the Wagner ICs and downpipes for x35i twin turbo cars, they work a treat!



More BMW, sorry.  Downpipe for the N55 ... CAD nearly complete.

Don't loose faith, some new Audi stuff coming soon.  

N55 downpipe design and prototyping complete. Product run has now started.

Video of the downpipe and standard exhaust can be found here

I'm contemplating selling my 135i and now I see this....... Hmmm... Forum Index -> Wagner Tuning
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